How to use landing valve correctly ?

1. First of all, we should know about our products. The main material of the landing valve is brass, and the working pressure is 16BAR. Each product has to undergo a water pressure test to ensure the product quality. Give customers the final product Inclined landing valve is a cut-off fire hydrant valve. These inclined landing valves can be provided with flangedor threaded inlets, which are manufactured in accordance with BS 5041, Part 1, and the connection and blind cover of the delivery hose are in accordance with BS 336:2010. Landing valves belong to the low pressure category and are suitable for nominal inlet pressures up to 15 bar. The surface treatment of the inner casting of each valve is of high quality, which can ensure that .

2.The landing valve is used for fire fighting and is connected to the pipeline by threads. When the valve is not in use, the fire hose is connected to the outlet of the landing valve, and the valve is opened to extinguish the fire by water pressure.

Post time: May-10-2022