In order to avoid the expiration of the fire extinguisher, it is necessary to check the service life of the fire extinguisher regularly. It is more appropriate to check the service life of the fire extinguisher once every two years.  Under normal circumstances, expired fire extinguishers can not be directly thrown into the trash can, we should give the expired fire extinguishers to the manufacturer of fire extinguishers, sales stores or specialized recycling fire extinguishers companies, so as to avoid the safety risks caused by expired fire extinguishers.

If the internal fire extinguishing agent is expired, you can go to the designated fire area or to the dealer store to replace;  If the packaging is damaged, it is likely to be scrapped. At this time, do not move its position casually. You can contact the production side for door-to-door pressure relief and recycling.

If the fire extinguisher has not reached the scrap standard, it can be taken to a professional maintenance unit for maintenance. After the quality test is determined to be qualified, the fire extinguisher can be recharged and used again.

We can also give the expired fire extinguishers to the neighborhood council, who will send them to the safety office in each street, and then they will be collected by the fire equipment company. The fire equipment company will punch the expired fire extinguishers and scrap them.IMG_20200424_100427_副本

Post time: Jun-20-2022