Fire hydrants are an integral part of our national fire safety infrastructure. They are utilised by the fire brigade to access water from the local mains supply. Primarily located in public footways or highways they are typically installed, owned and maintained by water companies or local fire authorities. However, when fire hydrants are located on private or commercial property the maintenance responsibility lies with you. Underground fire hydrants require regular inspection and maintenance in accordance with BS 9990. This ensures they will work in an emergency situation allowing the fire brigade to connect their hoses in the vicinity of the fire to access water more easily.


Wet Outdoor fire hydrant is a water supply facility connected with fire-fighting system network outside building.  It is used to supply water for fire engines from municipal water supply network or outdoor water network where no danger of Vehicle accidents or freezing atmospheres.  It is better to be used in malls, shopping centers, colleges, hospitals, etc.  It can also be connected to nozzles to prevent fire.

Post time: Jul-11-2022