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Liquid carbon dioxide is stored in the fire extinguisher bottle. When it is working, when the pressure of the bottle valve is pressed down. The internal carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent is sprayed from the siphon tube through the bottle valve to the nozzle, so that the concentration of oxygen in the combustion zone drops rapidly. When the carbon dioxide reaches a sufficient concentration, the flame will suffocate and extinguish. At the same time, the liquid carbon dioxide will quickly vaporize. Absorb a large amount of heat within a period of time, so it has a certain cooling effect on the burning material and also helps to extinguish the fire. The cart-type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is mainly composed of a bottle body, a head assembly, a nozzle assembly, and a frame assembly. The internal extinguishing agent is a liquid carbon dioxide extinguishing agent.

Key Specificatoins:
●Working pressure:174-150bar
●Test pressure: 250bar
●Manufacturer and certified to BSI

Processing Steps:
Drawing-Mold –Hose drawing -Assembly-testing-Quality Inspection-Packing

Main Export Markets:
●East South Asia
●Mid East

Packing & Shippment:
●FOB port:Ningbo / Shanghai
●Packing Size:50*15*15
●Units per Export Carton:1 pcs
●Net Weight:22kgs
●Gross Weight:23kgs
●Lead Time:25-35days according to the orders.

Primary Competitive Advantages:
●Service:OEM servise is available,Design,Processing of  material provided by clients,sample available
●Country of Origin:COO,Form A, Form E, Form F
●Price:Wholesale price
●International Approvals:ISO 9001: 2015,BSI,LPCB
●We have 8 years of professional experience as a manufacturer of fire fighting equipments
●We make the packing box as your samples or your design fully
●We are located in Yuyao County in Zhejiang ,Abuts against Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo , there are graceful surroundings and convenient transportation

Application :

When extinguishing a fire, just lift or carry the fire extinguisher to the fire site. At about 5 meters away from the burning object, pull out the safety pin of the fire extinguisher, hold the handle at the root of the horn with one hand, and hold the handle of the opening and closing valve tightly with the other. For carbon dioxide fire extinguishers without spray hoses, the horn should be raised 70-90 degrees. When in use, do not directly grasp the outer wall of the loudspeaker or the metal connecting pipe to prevent frostbite. When extinguishing a fire, when the combustible liquid burns in a flowing state, the user sprays the jet of carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent from near to far to the flame. If flammable liquid burns in the container, the user should lift the horn. Spray from the upper side of the container into the burning container. However, the carbon dioxide jet cannot directly impact the combustible liquid surface to prevent the combustible liquid from being flushed out of the container to expand the fire and cause difficulty in extinguishing the fire.

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